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Market insights amidst the global spread of Covid-19 - updated on February 28, 2020

The substantial rally in credit and equity markets came to quite an abrupt halt this week. What does this mean for credit markets and our funds?
January 2020 Commentary

While the new year started strong thanks to improving macroeconomic data, exogenous shocks such as Iranian-U.S. aggressions and the novel Coronavirus reintroduced volatility into the market.
Q4 2019 Commentary

Given our flexible and highly active approach to investing, we are excited about the opportunities for the coming year – and we welcome the opportunity to differentiate ourselves from more traditional managers.
For Q3 2019 most of the volatility was driven by macroeconomic headlines.

This whitepaper investigates how macro headlines dominated the quarter with continued focus on China/US relations. We will continue to see monetary easing but don’t think negative rates are coming to North America.
The discussion in North America and the U.K. is different to what has driven negative rates in the Eurozone.

Louise Pitt Brindle, Head of Research at RPIA, provides commentary on possible negative rate events in the foreseeable future in North America.
Searching for income in preferred shares

This article includes commentary on how low global yields have pushed investors to search for income wherever they can find it, including preferred shares, touted as fixed income-like instruments with higher yields.
Not Low Enough

This article consists of commentary on the Fed's first rate cut in 10 years, Fed stimulus, and the factors that can push spreads lower, especially in the BBB space.
With forward returns for traditional asset classes expected to remain modest, we believe investors can benefit investors can benefit from the active management found in alternative strategies

Until recently, alternative investments have been almost exclusively available to institutions and high net worth investors who have used these strategies to generate returns in low rate environments, preserve capital in down markets and produce a steadier path to their target returns - improving their overall investment experience.
Recent regulatory changes now level the playing field giving retail investors access to the benefits of alternative solutions in a more liquid mutual fund structure.
An 'alternative'choice now exists to diversify portfolios outside of traditional equity, bond and cash assets.
The Case for RP Select Opportunities Strategy

This article includes of commentary on how volatile markets have been defined by quickly-changing dynamics and why unconstrained fixed income strategies, such as RP Select Opportunities, best meet the needs of investors facing the uncertainties of today’s environment.
How Distortion in Rates Reveal Pockets of Relative Value

Back to the Future examines how US-China trade negotiations have re-ignited market speculation that the Fed and Bank of Canada will take a much more accommodative stance versus prior periods.
We continue to believe that this credit market has legs

This article includes commentary on how dovish central banks have continued to support credit performance in April.
Attractive Opportunities within BBB Rated Corporate Bonds in North America

This whitepaper includes insight regarding how 2018 saw investors struggle to reconcile slower economic growth with hawkish central bank signaling.