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Update: Our Response to COVID-19

March, 2020


To our valued clients and partners:

As COVID-19 becomes widespread, we have given careful consideration to the impact of the virus on our business continuity and have prepared for the possibility of a more serious outbreak in the GTA. We are committed to keeping our employees and their families safe and healthy, while continuing to manage portfolios and maintaining service to our clients without interruption. We have long had emergency protocols in place, and are set up remotely, so that trading and regular business can continue undisturbed.

As of March 16th, we have issued a company-wide ban of public transportation and non-essential travel. All non-core staff are now working remotely from home. Our core risk management, credit research and trading teams, are working both remotely from home and from the office to ensure continuity in managing the portfolios. We have the appropriate technology in place, such as, secure networks, remote workstations, webcams and collaboration tools to facilitate the arrangement with minimal disruption to the business. Mike Quinn, our CIO, and Richard Pilosof, our CEO, have been and will continue to work separately to ensure continuity of business leadership at all times. With our focus on maintaining a strong workforce and investing in technology, we are prepared for the challenges presented by COVID-19.

There has been no change to the contact information for our staff, including telephone numbers. We are available as always. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Client Portfolio Management team at any time.