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Our Response


As we continue to experience turbulence in markets and daily life, the RPIA team is working around the clock to support our clients. As COVID-19 has become a global pandemic, we have given careful consideration to the impact of the virus on our business continuity, should conditions continue or escalate.

As of March 16th, we have implemented our Business Continuity Plan (“BCP”), which includes a company-wide ban of public transportation and non-essential travel, and all non-core staff working remotely. Our BCP allows us to reduce the impact of COVID-19 and contribute to flattening the curve in our community. We are committed to keeping our employees and their families safe and healthy, while continuing to manage portfolios and maintain service to our clients without interruption. Mike Quinn, CIO, and Richard Pilosof, CEO, have been, and will continue to, always work separately to ensure continuity of business leadership. With our focus on maintaining a strong workforce and investing in the appropriate technology, we are prepared for any foreseeable challenges presented by COVID-19.

Market Conditions & Opportunities Ahead

COVID-19 has and will continue to reshape the global economic landscape. During the last quarter, there was a significant repricing of financial assets, and significant market volatility. In response to this, central banks have acted decisively and introduced many programs to extent liquidity to individuals and businesses.

Notwithstanding the continued uncertainty around COVID-19, we believe this is an opportunity to invest in corporate bonds issued by high quality businesses at very attractive valuations. We are focused on identifying the best risk-reward investments given the current environment.

Our Portfolio Management team is working diligently to fulfill our commitment to you and your investments. As of mid-April, we are very pleased that with some stability in the market, we have seen a bounce back in performance, and we plan to stay nimble and flexible to capture these opportunities as best we can.

We are available as always and committed to providing you with regular updates on our status as we work together through this unprecedented time. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our Client Portfolio Management or Client Engagement teams at any time.

Market Insights

Q1 2020 Quarterly Commentary & Podcast

After a violent repricing of markets, Central banks have acted quickly to backstop credit markets in an unlimited fashion. This has created a unique opportunity for us to invest in quality, defensive businesses that will exist post-COVID-19 at levels not seen in over a decade.
Committed to our clients and our employees during uncertain times

As COVID-19 becomes widespread, we are committed to keeping our employees and their families safe and healthy, while continuing to manage portfolios and maintaining service to our clients without interruption.
February 2020 Commentary

In February, we saw heightened uncertainty as COVID-19 cases spread beyond China, and dramatically repriced risk across all asset classes in the market. Through this volatile time, we continue to reduce risk in the portfolios while also finding selective opportunities.
Market insights amidst the global spread of Covid-19 - updated on February 28, 2020

The substantial rally in credit and equity markets came to quite an abrupt halt this week. What does this mean for credit markets and our funds?

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