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RPIA Develops Carbon-Reduced Fixed Income Solution
Embedding ESG factors in the investment decision-making process
October 2020

Earlier this month, RPIA's CIO, Mike Quinn, and Head of Portfolio Management, David Matheson, spoke with Bloomberg about the carbon-reduced initiative RPIA has developed with one of our institutional clients. The goal of the strategy is to encourage transparency and disclosure while incentivizing companies to commit to carbon reductions in a timely manner.

"The concept of actually embedding ESG analysis into your investments is about using the information in the marketplace to make better decisions. Certainly the firms that are leading on the ESG front are leading on many other factors, so by tilting your portfolio to have those factors more relevant, it can be an opportunity for outperformance.” - Mike Quinn, as quoted in the Bloomberg interview

We believe our commitment to ESG will result in better long-term results for our clients. That’s why we became a UN PRI signatory and have embedded ESG factors in our investment decision-making process.

Find out more about how we incorporate ESG in our approach