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How we invest in Credit

Opportunities from a flexible approach

Your local partner with global expertise for finding the best relative value

At RPIA, we have a collaborative team that prioritizes in-depth industry, country, and company analysis. Group discussions of our analyses are at the core foundation of all our investments. We use a wide range of investment tools and proprietary technology that are often unavailable to more traditional fixed income investors.

Our Investment Committee and portfolio construction groups drive the bigger picture. Our investment team is empowered to maximize the credit research, quantitative analysis, and risk management tools to generate the ideas that fuel all our different strategies.

We are your local partner that has built specialized expertise across global markets. We pride ourselves on having a team with complementary skills and experiences and some members joining us with insights from working abroad. The ability to invest across global markets differentiates us from others, especially as we hedge the currency risk across our funds. It also helps attract and retain what is, in our view, the best investment team for our investors.

Flexibility is an underappreciated asset but one that we value highly. Our investment team is experienced in seeking the best relative value and is not bound by indices. We constantly reevaluate the original thesis for adding a particular company to the portfolio and can influence change quickly when needed.

Our skilled team, our process, and our investment tools provide us with the right combination of strengths to realize value for our investors through flexibility and a global investment universe.