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Imran Dhanani

Principal, Director, National Accounts & Product Strategy

Imran joined RPIA in 2020 and is responsible for developing relationships with key partners in the retail distribution channel. In addition to working closely with external partners, Imran acts as an internal resource for the client portfolio management team on business development activities across the firm’s investor segments.

Prior to joining RPIA, Imran held the position of Senior Manager, Investment Fund Research at RBC Dominion Securities where he was responsible for selecting and monitoring investment strategies for the firm’s mutual fund recommended list and investment models. He also worked closely with investment advisors to develop their investment strategies and to maximize alignment between client portfolios and their expected outcomes.

Imran graduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with a Hons. BBA and is a CFA Charterholder.

Imran Dhanani

Videos featuring Imran Dhanani

InvestED: RP Strategic Income Plus Fund
Investor Education Series
May 2021

In this segment of our Investor Education Series, Imran Dhanani and David Matheson discuss the five-year anniversary of RP Strategic Income Plus Fund. David reflects on how the strategy has performed over the past five years and what makes it unique.

Video transcript available upon request



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