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Liam O'Sullivan

Principal, Co-Head of Client Portfolio Management
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As Head of Client Portfolio Management, Liam leads the team responsible for developing client relationships and developing new investment solutions. Liam's primary focus is working in collaboration with institutional investors to develop fixed income solutions that can enable them to achieve their investment goals. Earlier in his time at RPIA, Liam spent several years managing corporate bond portfolios for the firm, with a focus on the Canadian corporate bond market.

Prior to joining RPIA in 2010, Liam held the position of Chief Risk Officer at Northwest Investment Management in the UK. He started his career in finance working on the Credit Trading desk at CIBC World Markets in London. Liam has a Master in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics from New College, Oxford, and a Master in Economics from the University of British Columbia. Liam is a CFA charter-holder.


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Videos featuring Liam O'Sullivan

The Return of Bonds?

Mercer Private Wealth Management Webinar

December 2022

Liam O'Sullivan spoke with industry peers from Mercer Private Wealth about the new set of opportunities in the fixed income space amid the uncertain market landscape today. Liam shared his valuable insights on how fixed income fits into a balanced portfolio and how it compares to other investments.


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