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2020 Sustainability Report

Our Approach to ESG


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In 2020, RPIA continued to evolve how we assess ESG factors with a specific focus on climate change. Highlights of our achievements in 2020 include:



We have continued to join organizations that share our commitment to advance ESG issues through peer collaboration and public action. In 2020, we joined local and international organizations such as Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD), 30% Club, United Way ILEO Charter, and Canadian Coalition for Good Governance. Learn more about our ESG memberships



RPIA integrates ESG factors into all strategies managed by the firm. We believe integrating these factors into our investment process helps to mitigate risk, improve the quality of our returns, and fulfill our duty to our clients. 


Learn more about our approach to ESG

For a more detailed overview, watch The Evolution of ESG with Aaron Young and Liam O'Sullivan:
Watch The Evolution of ESG


As a UNPRI signatory, RPIA believes that applying the six Principles better aligns our process with generating long-term stable returns for our investors. Most importantly, we believe it makes us better stewards of our clients’ capital. UNPRI provides an assessment framework for which an investor can benchmark its responsible investing practices. In 2020, RPIA received an A rating in both the Strategy & Governance and the Fixed Income modules.

RPIA scores A across Strategy & Governance, Fixed Income - Corporate Financial, Fixed Income - Corporate Non-Financial modules of UNPRI rating

Read our UNPRI 2020 Transparency Report


RP CORPORATE BBB INDEX PLUS (Now called RP Broad Corporate Bond (BBB, Carbon Reduced)*)

The RP Corporate BBB Index Plus strategy was launched in January 2020 and has delivered on its dual goals of outperforming the fund’s benchmark while maintaining carbon intensity levels below the index. The market-value weighted carbon intensity of the portfolio has been, on average, 40% of the benchmark with an excess return of 238 bps net of fees (based on the calendar year ending December 2020).

Source: S&P TruCost, FTSE Canada

*As of November 15, 2021

Download our Sustainability Report and ESG Policy for more information.

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