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RPIA Videos & Podcasts

Market Update Videos

Revisiting Core Plus

Institutional Perspectives - Q3 2023

October 2023

Thumbnail - Revisiting Core Plus Podcast

Core Plus has been a popular choice for institutional investors over the past decade, but the modest returns they delivered net of fees have been driven mostly by taking more risk than the comparable index. We believe actively managed corporate bond strategies can offer a better way to extract value from your fixed income allocation without having to allocate to riskier areas of the market.

The Paradigm Shift and the Case for Credit

Webinar Replay

February 2023

The Paradigm Shift and the Case for Credit

On February 14th, 2023, Liam O’Sullivan moderated a discussion with William (Bill) Moriarty, where they reviewed the ever-changing macro-economic environment and its impact on fixed income going forward. They discussed the attractiveness of corporate bonds relative to equities, government bonds, GICs, and private debt and provided suggestions for potential adjustments to institutional portfolios.

Are We There Yet? Exploring the Opportunity in Bonds

Webinar Replay

November 2022

Are we there yet? exploring the opportunity in bonds

On Thursday, November 17, 2022, in a discussion moderated by Ann Glazier Rothwell, Mike Quinn discussed the dramatic move in rates and what is unfolding in fixed income markets. He also reviewed how RPIA is thinking about opportunities and risks in this market environment and what it means for your portfolio. There was a time for Q&A at the end of the discussion where live attendees were able to ask Mike their questions.


InvestED - Investor Education Videos

Uncovering Hidden Risks: Reinvestment Risk

Investor Education: Bonds 101

September 2023

Carly Plate

Given the rise in risk-free rates over the past few years, investors can now capture yields through high-quality bonds, GICs, or money market funds. However, although opting for shorter-term options is appealing, it's crucial to assess reinvestment risk and its long-term impact on the portfolio. In this video, Carly discusses two primary ways investors can combat reinvestment risk using an actively managed fixed income solution.

A High-Quality Alternative Global Bond Strategy

Investor Education: Our Products

July 2023

Carly Plate in a boardroom with art in the background

Four years since its inception, RP Alternative Global Bond Fund continues to provide investors with compelling relative and absolute returns and diversification during turbulent times. In this video, Carly Plate outlines what makes this fund unique.

Understanding Credit's Role in Your Portfolio

Investor Education: Bonds 101

July 2023

Carly Plate standing in front of a window with plants in the background

RPIA was founded on the belief that corporate credit is a unique asset class that can play an essential role in enhancing and diversifying broad investment portfolios. In this investor education video, Carly Plate highlights what makes Credit unique and effective in your portfolio.

External Events & Podcasts

IntroCap Podcast: David Kaufman Interviews Mike Quinn

Mike Quinn, Principal & Senior Advisor (former CIO) on IntroCap Podcast Episode 30

September 2023

Headshot of Mike Quinn

Mike Quinn speaks with Westcourt Capital’s David Kaufman on the IntroCap Interviews podcast, where he discusses his career in the world of bond trading as well as an overview of the fixed income market.

The Ripple Effect: Long-Term Implications of the SVB Collapse

BMO Capital Markets Webinar

May 2023

Webinar Thumbnail

In a webinar hosted by BMO Capital Markets, Liam O'Sullivan and Rob Poole spoke in detail about the recent market events, providing some background to both the Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse fallout. They addressed the parallels and differences between the two and reviewed the sustainability of the regional banking model, addressing any impacts these events may have on Canadian banks.

Alternative Thinking: Both Sides of the Investment Coin

Ilias Lagopoulos, Portfolio Manager on CAASA's Podcast - July 28, 2022

September 2022

Alternative Thinking: Both Sides of the Investment Coin

Ilias Lagopoulos speaks on CAASA's podcast "Alternative Thinking: Both Sides of the Investment Coin" about his perspective on the current fixed income market environment. Joined with Steven Adang from Anchor Pacific Investment Management, they discuss everything from top-level asset allocation to more granule topics like the corporate bond curve.