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How we incorporate ESG

Aligned to the values of our investors

Our Commitment to ESG


We consider Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) factors when making investment decisions for all the strategies we manage. When we include these factors alongside traditional financial metrics, we are able to think more broadly about risk, and make more prudent investment decisions. In other words, it is in the best interests of our clients to integrate ESG into our process.

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Through our in-depth credit research, RPIA is in regular communication with the management teams of the issuers in which we invest. We use this platform as a way to champion ESG analysis, discussing with companies the importance of ESG-related disclosures and the risks that we see from an ESG perspective.

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“There are three very simple reasons why we take ESG seriously - to minimize risk, to improve the quality of our returns, and to fulfill our duty to our investors” – Mike Quinn, Chief Investment Officer    

We have also partnered with an institutional investor to design a strategy that targets specific ESG outcomes and in this case, an Environmental outcome. This strategy aims to outperform the relevant benchmark while avoiding certain industry sectors and having a lower carbon intensity. We will continue to partner with our clients to develop innovative investment solutions that help them achieve the ESG outcomes that they care most about.

To demonstrate and formalize our commitment to ESG, RPIA became a signatory to UN Principles for Responsible Investment in August 2018. This solidified our commitment to incorporate ESG factors in our investment process, to engage bond issuers on ESG matters, and to advance ESG through peer collaboration and public action.

For more information, please download our ESG policy.

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Market Insights

As ESG-linked bonds rise in popularity, are issuers being ambitious enough with their use of proceeds?

One of the most important developments in global credit markets has been the exponential growth of ESG-linked instruments that have been issued across many sectors and from companies at different stages of their ESG development. However, are companies making effort to make meaningful incremental or future changes in their operations or simply benefiting from a lower cost of debt?
Embedding ESG factors in the investment decision-making process

RPIA has developed a carbon-reduced fixed income solution with University of Toronto Asset Management. We believe our commitment to ESG will result in better long-term results for our clients.