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How we manage Risk

Backed by a highly experienced team

Our Risk Management Philosophy

At RPIA, we are keenly aware that when it comes to managing our investors’ fixed income investments, prudent risk management and capital preservation in difficult markets is essential.  In our view this starts with the quality, strength and experience of the people who are managing the capital day-in-day-out, backed up by continued investment in systems and technology.

We have a team of 11 Portfolio Managers with decades of experience managing global bond portfolios through good times and bad, including the global financial crisis.  We also have a dedicated credit research team. The founders each have over 25 years’ experience, including two former Global Heads of Fixed Income at RBC Capital Markets and the former CEO of RBC Capital Markets.  There is no substitute for this level of experience when managing risk.

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We believe active management plays a key risk management role, as it enables us to assess market liquidity and quickly detect when market conditions change.  It allows us to take action early to protect our portfolios.  It also means that when conditions do stabilize, we can act quickly to capture opportunities.

RPIA has made a significant investment in building an institutional-quality risk management team and infrastructure.  Advanced technology allows for effective real-time analysis of exposures and concentrations in the portfolios.  This is complemented by a suite of analytics that are used for stress testing of the portfolios, as well as scenario testing and liquidity analysis.  Experienced leadership ensures proper interpretation of the analytics and appropriate responses to market conditions as they evolve in real time.