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Why “go active” in Credit

Pursuing value in an inefficient market

Where Active Credit Fits in Your Portfolio

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In today’s low-rate environment with increasing valuations, it is challenging for investors to effectively manage a portfolio. We believe that a traditional 60% equity and 40% fixed income portfolio cannot generate quality returns for the risks that investors face today, so alternatives need to be considered to help achieve investment goals.

 There is much research that supports credit as a distinct and unique asset class. The corporate bond market offers a wider investment universe that can help balance equity risk and provide opportunities due to inefficiencies and mispriced securities that active managers can identify to generate additional “active” returns. 

 RPIA’s approach is to apply a highly active, dynamic investment process that enables us to consistently extract value from the global credit market, driven by security selection. Investors do not need to compromise on credit quality or sacrifice liquidity to improve their portfolio returns.  We offer a variety of credit-focused solutions to augment your fixed income allocation.

 A simple rethink of your fixed income portfolio by introducing truly active credit strategies can be an effective solution for investors to consider reaching their yield and income objectives.